Using jigdo on Windows XP to Download Fedora Re Spin Updated Version of Fedora


Download Fedora Unity Re Spin using jigdo on Windows XP.


   The step by step example below show the process of download Fedora Re Spin using jigdo download manager on Windows XP.  This step by step using jigdo download manager on Windows XP and can be use as guide to download the Debian, Fedora DVD and Fedora CD Re Spin.  Please note that the article below only focusing on downloading the updated version of Fedora 9, Fedora-Unity-20080718-9-i386-DVD.iso image.


Step and Procedure to download updated version of Fedora:


1.  Download jigdo for Windows from the official site ( ).  Extract the file contents... to make our work easier...  make special folder for this download Fedora Re Spin project... for example... create Fedora9UnityReSpin folder.


create folder for jigdo project download


2.  To download Fedora 9 ( Fedora Unity Re-Spin F9 20080718 ).... download the .jidgo file from Fedora Unity official site.  Put the .jidgo file in Fedora9UnityReSpin folder that we create earlier.  Don't forget to download the SHA1 hash file for the Fedora image.

Figure below show the .jigdo file Fedora-Unity-20080718-9.jigdo from Fedora Unity site in our project folder.

list of jigdo files and Fedora jigdo files required for download Fedora Unity


3.  Open the Windows XP command interpreter, click on Windows XP Start menu button -> click on Run to open run program dialog box, then type in cmd and click OK button

Run Windows XP command interpreter


4.  Change current directory Path to the download directory using cd command as on example below:

Change current directory Path to the download directory

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]

(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.


C:\Documents and Settings\Jason>cd /D E:\Fedora9UnityReSpin\




5.  Using the cd command on Windows XP command interpreter to list all files inside the folder to make sure everything in that directory

Using dir command to list contents of folder


Volume in drive E is New Volume

Volume Serial Number is 64AD-2F8B


Directory of E:\Fedora9UnityReSpin


08/28/2008 11:14 PM <DIR> .

08/28/2008 11:14 PM <DIR> ..

07/06/2005 06:41 PM 65,010 debian-jigdo-mini-howto.html

08/28/2008 10:14 PM 402,926 Fedora-Unity-20080718-9.jigdo

08/28/2008 11:14 PM <DIR> Fedora9UnityReSpin

08/28/2008 11:06 PM <DIR> jigdo-bin

08/28/2008 10:27 PM 205 jigdo-lite-settings.txt

07/08/2005 04:27 PM 537 jigdo-lite.bat

08/28/2008 10:21 PM 1,815,582

07/06/2005 06:41 PM 2,666 README.txt

08/28/2008 10:15 PM 242 SHA1.txt

7 File(s) 2,287,168 bytes

4 Dir(s) 11,142,242,304 bytes free




6.  Execute the jigdo download manager program jigdo-lite.bat, as on example below to start the download process of Fedora Re-Spin.



Jigsaw Download "lite"

Copyright (C) 2001-2005   |   jigdo@

Richard Atterer           |



To resume a half-finished download, enter name of .jigdo file.

To start a new download, enter URL of .jigdo file.

You can also enter several URLs/filenames, separated with spaces,

or enumerate in {}, e.g. `http://server/cd-{1_NONUS,2,3}.jigdo'

jigdo: Fedora-Unity-20080718-9.jigdo   <------- Enter the jigdo file name that we download from Fedora Unity web site



Images offered by `Fedora-Unity-20080718-9.jigdo':

   1: Fedora-Unity-20080718-9-i386-DVD.iso

   2: Fedora-Unity-20080718-9-x86_64-DVD.iso

   3: Fedora-Unity-20080718-9-source-DVD.iso

Number of image to download: 1   <------- Enter the file that you need to download



If you already have a previous version of the CD you are

downloading, jigdo can re-use files on the old CD that are also

present in the new image, and you do not need to download them

again. Enter the path to the old CD ROM's contents (e.g. `d:\').

Alternatively, just press enter if you want to start downloading

the remaining files.

Files to scan:    <-------- If you have the Fedora 9 CD or DVD ... enter CD / DVD path.....or Just hit enter key to proceed


Downloading .template file


=> `Fedora-Unity-20080718-9-i386-DVD.iso.template'

Resolving,,, ...

Connecting to[]:80... connected.

HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK

Length: 344,812,439 [application/octet-stream]


100%[====================================>] 344,812,439 160.89K/s ETA 00:00


00:42:22 (81.10 KB/s) - `Fedora-Unity-20080718-9-i386-DVD.iso.template' saved [344812439/344812439]



THEN let the jigdo Download Manager do the work........ wait and stare... till the download process completed



FINISHED --19:03:43--

Downloaded: 2,824,832 bytes in 5 files

Found 5 of the 5 files required by the template

Successfully created `Fedora-Unity-20080718-9-i386-DVD.iso'




The fact that you got this far is a strong indication that `Fedora-Unity-20080718-9-i386-DVD.iso'

was generated correctly. I will perform an additional, final check,

which you can interrupt safely with Ctrl-C if you do not want to wait.


OK: Checksums match, image is good!





ERROR:  Example below show error message from jigdo say that " 'sh' is not recognized as an internal or external command ".... solution ... back to step 4... make sure that your directory path is correct.

Path error message 'sh' is not recognized as an internal or external command

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]

(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.


C:\Documents and Settings\Jason>E:\Fedora9UnityReSpin\jigdo-lite.bat

'sh' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

operable program or batch file.

Press any key to continue . . .

Terminate batch job (Y/N)? y


C:\Documents and Settings\Jason>


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