Step by Step Using Sha256sum on Windows XP


Step by Step Using Sha256sum on Windows XP.


   The article below show the step by step using sha256sum on Windows XP.  The step by step example below show how to use the sha256sum.exe on Windows XP to check sha256 checksum for Fedora 11 ISO image that have been download on Windows XP system.  To check the sha256sum, first we must have the tools... the sha256sum.exe and the ISO image that we want to check for the sha256 checksum, in this example I use the Fedora 11 ISO image.  


Using Sha256sum on Windows XP to check Fedora sha256 checksum value:


1.  Download sha256sum tool... sha256sum.exe or (all the credits go to and  put the downloaded sha256sum tool in the same directory where your ISO file located.


2.  Open Windows XP command line interpreter by going to Start -> Run... and type in cmd.exe and click OK button.

cmd.exe Windows XP command line interpreter


3.  Locate and open the sha256sum and ISO image directory with your Windows Explorer.

sha256sum and ISO image directory


4.  Drag and drop the sha256sum.exe tool to the Windows command interpreter, then hit the spacebar.

Drag and drop the sha256.exe tool


5.  Drag and drop ISO image that you want to check the sha256 checksum value to the Windows command interpreter... please make sure that there is space between the sha256sum and the ISO image... and then hit Enter key... wait until the sha256sum.exe tool finish calculating the sha256 checksum value for the ISO image... this may take some times depends on the size of your ISO image and the overall performance of the Windows system that you are using...

Calculating sha256sum checksum on Windows


6.  Compare the sha256 checksum value from the sha256sum.exe for the ISO image that you running on the Windows command interpreter and the actual sha256sum checksum file that you can get from the official site where you get the ISO image from.  Please note, if the result show exactly same sha256 checksum value... the ISO image is good to use :-). if not... download new ISO image, the ISO image that you got in hand may be corrupted in the process of downloading :-(.


Result Sha256 hash value from the sha256sum.exe on Windows XP:

Result Sha256 hash value from the sha256sum.exe on Windows XP


Official hash sha256 value for Fedora 11 ISO image from Fedora official site:

hash sha256 value


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We also can use “Checksums

We also can use “Checksums calculator” a GUI tool to calculate md5, sha1, sha256, sha384, sha512 witch can run under Linux, Windows and MacOS X operating systems on both 32 and 64bit architectures. For more info take a look here:


very easy to understand - i

very easy to understand - i like the screenshots! :)


How to do a string?

Hey, I want to hash a string. I found this worked:

c:\> echo passwd! | sha256sum.exe

Is there a syntax without piping?


Base64 encode

Also, is there a way to base64 encode this?


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Step by Step Using Sha256sum on Windows XP | Linux Windows

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Step by Step Using Sha256sum on Windows XP | Linux Windows

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Step by Step Using Sha256sum on Windows XP | Linux Windows

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Step by Step Using Sha256sum on Windows XP | Linux Windows

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Step by Step Using Sha256sum on Windows XP | Linux Windows

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