Step by step procedure to backup registry on Windows XP using regedit.exe program


Windows XP Registry Backup using regedit.exe.


The article below show the step by step guide to save registry value or to backup registry on Windows XP.  The backup of Windows XP registry below is done using the regedit.exe or regedit program / tool.  The regedit is the registry editing tool that comes with every default Windows installation so you don't have to download the regedit program to follow the example below :-).


1.  Click the Start on the Windows task bar, then click on the Run button.

Windows XP start and run :-)


2.  On the Run dialog box type in regedit.exe or just type in regedit on the Open box as on example below and then Click OK button.

Run to open regedit.exe


3.  The figure below show the example of Registry Editor windows, click to highlight My Computer on the Registry Editor windows.

Windows XP Registry Editor


4.  On the Registry Editor task bar, click on File and then point and click Export... .

Export Windows XP registry


5.   After you click the Export..., the Export Registry File windows appear.  Enter the filename for your registry file as shown on the example below, then click on the Save button to save your registry file.

save Windows XP export registry file


6.  Below is the example of registry file.

backup registry file icon


7.  To view the contents of the registry file, point and right click your mouse button on the backup registry file and then click on Edit on the menu as shown below.


edit backup registry


8.  the contents of registry view using notepad text editor.

View the registry key using text editor


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want to reinstall the registry backup

i take the registry backup in my system i want to reinstall the registry in my system.u want to help me how to install the registry step by step.i have doubt can we use the registry to all systems for eg.i install the fresh os in one system and i take the backup of that system registry that backup can we use for all the systems