Install Linux on Windows PC


Setting and install Linux fedora on Windows PC.


  The step by step below show how to using VMware software to install an using Linux Fedora on Windows desktop.  The VMware workstation actually is the program that allow you to install, running and using multiple of operating system on the same computer. We can install Linux or other Windows operating system on same Windows machine with VMware / virtual machine.




1.  Install VM Ware on yor windows machine.  Double click the WMware Workstation shortcut or click on the WMware Workstation on the start menu to invoke the VMware program.

vmware workstation shortcut on desktop


2.  On the VMware Workstation window, double clicked at New Virtual Machine.

VMware Workstation Window


3.  After that, the Welcome window of New Virtual Machine Wizard appear. Click Next to proceed.

Virtual Machine Wizard VMware Workstation


4.  Then, this windows will appear, Select Typical setting for virtual machine configuration, then clicked Next button to proceed.

VMware Workstation Device Configuration


5.  Then in this window, on the Guest operating system select Linux as a guest operating system. The default Version should be Red Hat Linux, you can choose from all version available by click the drop down button.  To install Linux Fedora, you can leave the default version as it is and clicked Next button to proceed.

VMware Guest Linux Operating System


6.  In the window of Name the Virtual Machine, you can change the Virtual machine name from Red Hat Linux to fedora.  Then change the location by clicking Browse… button, make sure that you have enough empty space on your hard drive to install the Linux Fedora operating system.  Then click Next button to proceed.

Linux Fdeora Virtual Machine Name


7.  Then in window of network type, select use bridged networking in Network connection. After that click Next button to proceed.

Bridge Network VMware Workstation


8.  Then in Specify disk capacity window, entered disk size for your virtual machine.  The example show that the 10GB space of disk is reserve for our Linux Fedora. Then clicked Finish button to complete the procedure.

Virtual Machine Disk Capacity


9.  This window indicated that the virtual machine was created successfully.  Then click the Close button.

Succesfully Created Virtual Machine



Adjust the memory setting for Linux Fedora.


  To increase the performance of your Linux Fedora virtual machine, we need to configure the hardware setting for the virtual machine .The step below show the procedure to adjust and increase and set the amount of memory for Linux Fedora virtual machine.


10.  This windows will appear after click Close button on above procedure.  The window show the properties of current virtual machine. To edit the devices setting for our Linux Fedora virtual machine. Click at Edit virtual machine settings at right pane.

Edit Virtual Machine Hardware Properties


11.  When this window appeared, in left pane select memory. Then go to the right pane, adjust to increase the memory size for this virtual machine.

VMware Virtual Machine Memory Setting


12.  The example below show that we increase the amount of memory from recommended 160MB to maximum recommended memory 236MB. Make sure that you adjust the memory size base on your hardware, the bigger the better performance you will get. Then, clicked OK.

Resize Memory Capacity for Virtual Machine



Install Linux Fedora from iso image.


  The setting below show the step to configure the virtual machine to boot and install Linux Fedora from the Fedora iso image.


11.  After clicked OK, clicked again at Edit virtual machine settings to edit CD-ROM.

Virtual Machine CD-Rom setting


12.  Look at Hardware in left pane, select CD-ROM (IDE 1:0). Go to right pane, in Connection select Use ISO image and clicked Browse button.

Use ISO image for cdrom setting


13.  The browse window will appear after clicked Browse button . Locate the fedora installation image ( usually have the dot iso as an extension).  Then click on the iso file and click the Open button.

Browse iso image


14.  After that, clicked OK button.

Select iso image



Start to Install Linux Fedora on Windows.


  The step below show the Linux Fedora is boot and install on the Windows desktop.


15.  Launch Fedora in VMware workstation. Click on Start button to start / boot up the virtual machine.  At the Linux Fedora installation boot up message, press “enter” key for  “Install or upgrade an existing system”.  Now you can proceed with the the installation of Linux fedora.

Boot Linux Fedora ISO image on Virtual Machine


16.  The view of installation process for Linux Fedora on Windows desktop.

Install Linux Fedora on Windows using VMware Workstation


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