Disable Windows XP AutoPlay or Windows AutoRun for CD DVD and Removable Drives


Simple steps to disable Windows autorun (Windows autoplay) CD and all removable drives on Windows XP.


    The article below show the step by step process to disable Windows autorun / Windows autoplay for CD Rom drive and all the removable drive on Windows XP system.  The auto run or some say auto play can be quite annoying, usually Windows XP system try to auto play the contents of the CD or any removable drive when you insert them to the computer. 


1.  The figure below show what happen when you insert the flash drive or any removable disk on the Windows XP.


figure 01 : Found New Hardware USB Flash Drive USB Device

Found New Hardware USB Flash Drive USB Device


figure 02 : Autoplay box appear

Autoplay box appear


figure 03 : Select the program to open your Removable Disk

Select the program to open your Removable Disk


Disable autoplay on Windows XP


1.  Download Powertoys for Windows XP ( Tweak UI ) from Microsoft web site, then after download finish, install the Powertoys by double click on the installer file...


Tweak UI Powertoys Setup


2.  After finish with the install process, click on Start -> Programs -> Powertoys for Windows XP and then click on Tweak UI to invoke the program.


Start -> Programs -> Powertoys for Windows Xp -> Tweak UI


3.  On the Tweak UI window click My Computer to expend the menu... Then expend the AutoPlay.  Click on the Drives menu, on the right side window display the list of drives letters.  To disable the autoplay, untick on the box next to the drive letters as show on the figure below.


Tweak UI Autoplay Drives


4. Then click on Types menu, un tick the check box on Enable Autoplay for CD and DVD drives and Enable Autoplay for removable drives to make sure that you disable all autorun on your Windows XP system.

Tweak UI Autoplay Types cd dvd removable


5.  To enable all autopay or the auto run, just reverse all the procedure.


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