Using Firefox browser to explore Linux Fedora directory and open file.


Explore Linux directory using Firefox web browser.


   The step by step below show the process of using Firefox web browser to browse local Linux Fedora directory to open file in the web browser windows. 


1.  Open Firefox/Mozilla web browser by click on the icon on the task bar.

2.  After the Firefox web browser fully loading, click on the File on the browser taskbar, then click Open File.


firefox open file on linux fedora


3.  On the open file windows, browse the fedora system by point and click your mouse pointer to the File System on the Places window.


open local file using firefox browser


4.  The example below show the directory and files list located under /media/dvd-rom directory.  The browser url for the directory point to file:///media/dvd-rom, you can edit and use the url to browsing to other directory on the Fedora system.


index file of fedora indstallation dvd


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