Step by step free asterisk password recovery


Step by step free asterisk password recovery.


   This simple step by step free password recovery can be use to reveal gmail asterisk password, hotmail asterisk password and many other ...  example below show how to check and reveal / convert this asterisk password to plain text.



1.  Right click on the asterisk password box ( the asterisk password that you want to display in pain text ) ((or just try hit the F12 key and push ctrl+b and then proceed to step 3 just skip step 2))


2.  and then click on  "inspect alement"


3.  search for "password" key and you can see on the code example below... 


<input type="password" id="Passwd" name="Passwd">


3.  Change the type="password" to type="text" and hit Enter key... 
<input type="text" id="Passwd" name="Passwd">


the asterisk pasword gone and it will show your asterisk password in plain text 


Please note :- that this simple step by step can be very useful when you forgot your password,... but also be aware that other people that have physical access on your system also can recover your password in 60 second :-)


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