Linux and Windows Laboratory Test Project.

Fedora Core 5 splash screen
Fedora Core 5 installation screenshot 000.png

step by step Linux fedora core 5 installation screenshot -install and run Linux Fedora Core 5 on your PC.


What you need to have before start to install and run Linux Fedora Core 5 on your PC:

  • Installation CD's or DVD.  You can download and burn your on Installation media or you can buy the Fedora Core 5 installation media on store near your place.

  • PC,  hard disk space requirements:  with a minimum of 700 MB of free disk storage space on your hard drive for a command-line system or you need about at least 3 GB of free storage space to install and used the desktop system with the default applications.  For complete packages you need about 9 GB of free disk space. What we learn so far, "More applications you add to the system, more hard disk space required" :-)

  • PC, processor requirements:  Pentium class.

  • PC, memory requirements:  Minimum 128 MB for command-line text base system, minimum 192 MB for graphical system, but the recommended memory for the graphical system is 256 MB.  "More memory you add to the system, more graphical you get" :-)

  • Information of your network configuration and ...

  • You may need this Linux Fedora Core step by step installation guide near you when you start the installation process. :-)