Using system-cdinstall-helper administration tool.


Using system-cdinstall-helper administration tool.



   To add remove software from cd-rom in fedora core system using the system-cdinstall-helper command, this system-cdinstall-helper command is very usefull if your Linux Fedora Core is not network connected or internet connected. The Add/Remove Software on the Applications menu tab that only can work if your Fedora Core have the connection to the internet.


1.  Insert Fedora Core Disk number 1 to your CDROM drive,


2. Then mount the Fedora Core Disk number 1.


mount fedora core disc


3. Open Terminal by click on Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal tab, then


bash terminal


4. Check where the mount point of mounted Fedora Core disk 1 located, usually the default mount point on Fedora Core 6 is in /media/ directory...


[root@fedora ~]# ls /media/

FC-6 i386 Disc 1/ .hal-mtab         .hal-mtab-lock   

[root@fedora ~]#


3.  Execute the system-cdinstall-helper command with the path to your mounted Fedora Core Disk number 1, see example;



[root@fedora ~]# system-cdinstall-helper /media/FC-6\ i386\ Disc\ 1/

Loading "installonlyn" plugin

[root@fedora ~]#


or you can execute the system-cdinstall-helper command as backround process by adding '&' at the end of command line.


[root@fedora ~]# system-cdinstall-helper /media/FC-6\ i386\ Disc\ 1/ &

[1] 29276

[root@fedora ~]#




4.  The figure above show window of system-cdinstall-helper screen, select software to add by


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