Step by Step Install Webmin on Fedora 10 using yum localinstall


Step by Step Install Webmin on Fedora 10 using yum localinstall


   The webmin is one of the Linux Unix administration software that can be use to administer Linux system using web base interface.  The step by step install webmin on Fedora below is tested on Fedora 10 system and install using yum localinstall on command line interface (shell).  Please note that on this step by step install webmin on Fedora 10 article, we use the yum localinstall command to install webmin RPM package.  The step by step webmin installation on Fedora start with the download of webmin rpm file using wget... and you may need to be as root user or use su command (su -c " put here the command as show on example below") to install webmin rpm package on Fedora system.


Install webmin


1.  Download latest version webmin software package from the webmin official site.  Please make sure that you download webmin RPM (webmin that have dot RPM extension).  The example below also show how to download using shell interface, and if you like to download the webmin using wget command (download using shell interface) just follow the command example below, but make sure that you check for the latest version of webmin software package available on the webmin official website... and modify command below to make sure that you download the latest one.

using wget download webmin on Fedora

[root@fedora10 ~]# wget

--2009-06-18 02:15:45--


Connecting to||:80... connected.

HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 302 Found

Location: [following]

--2009-06-18 02:15:46--

Resolving, 2001:e10:ffff:1f02::17

Connecting to||:80... connected.

HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK

Length: 15544781 (15M) [application/octet-stream]

Saving to: `webmin-1.480-1.noarch.rpm'


100%[===============================================================>] 15,544,781   162K/s   in 1m 49s


2009-06-18 02:17:35 (139 KB/s) - `webmin-1.480-1.noarch.rpm' saved [15544781/15544781]


[root@fedora10 ~]#


2.  View and list the downloaded package in the current directory, make sure downloded webmin rpm file is on the list.

Linux Fedora webmin rpm package

[root@fedora10 ~]# ls

anaconda-ks.cfg  install.log.syslog

Desktop          Package

Finished         Running

folders.db       webmin-1.480-1.noarch.rpm


[root@fedora10 ~]#


3.  Import webmin RPM pgp key into RPM key database.

RPM import pgp key

[root@fedora10 ~]# rpm --import

[root@fedora10 ~]#


4.  Now we can start install webmin on Fedora system... execute yum localinstall command (as show on command example below) to start the webmin installation process.

[root@fedora10 ~]# yum -y localinstall webmin-1.480-1.noarch.rpm

Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit

Setting up Local Package Process

Examining webmin-1.480-1.noarch.rpm: webmin-1.480-1.noarch

Marking webmin-1.480-1.noarch.rpm to be installed

Resolving Dependencies

--> Running transaction check

---> Package webmin.noarch 0:1.480-1 set to be updated

--> Finished Dependency Resolution


Dependencies Resolved



 Package     Arch        Version        Repository                      Size



 webmin      noarch      1.480-1        webmin-1.480-1.noarch.rpm       37 M


Transaction Summary


Install      1 Package(s)

Update       0 Package(s)

Remove       0 Package(s)


Total download size: 37 M

Downloading Packages:

Running rpm_check_debug

Running Transaction Test

Finished Transaction Test

Transaction Test Succeeded

Running Transaction

Operating system is Redhat Linux

  Installing     : webmin                                                1/1

Webmin install complete. You can now login to

as root with your root password.



  webmin.noarch 0:1.480-1



[root@fedora10 ~]#


5.  Now open your web browser and start login to webmin system.  Point browser URL to (loopback address) or (hostname domain name) or (network card IP address), hit Enter key... and now you should be prompt with wbmin login screen.... if nothing happen, recheck your system firewall rules... add port 10000 on firewall rules for webmin system.


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