Show Hardware Information and Driver on Linux Fedora using smolt


Show Hardware Information and Driver on Linux Fedora using smolt.


   Smolt is the graphical tool that can be use to show hardware information on Linux Fedora system.  The screenshot below show smolt graphical tools in actions and show the hardware information on one of  my Fedora server.  The list of hardware information that show by smolt tools on my Fedora server including server hardware Vendor, hardware UUID, System Swap, System Memory, System hardware model, SELinux Policy, SELinux Enforce, SELinux Enable, hardware Platform, system OS, Number of CPU's on the system, Language, os Kernel version, hardware Form Factor, os Default run level, CPU Vendor, CPU Stepping, CPU Speed, CPU Model Number, CPU Model, CPU Family and BogoMIPS.


Open Smolt on Fedora 10


Follow and execute command below to open smolt graphical tools, you need to be on graphical desktop must have root password, but if the error message show "ImportError: No module named PyQt4.QtCore" when you try to execute command below... please refer to this fedora-smolt-pyqt4qtcore-import-error.html to overcome this problem.  


[fedora10@fedora10 ~]$ su - -c "/usr/share/smolt/client/"

Password:    <--- key in root password here

[fedora10@fedora10 ~]$


Smolt screen on Fedora 10, click the Send Profile button on the top of smolt screen to send smolt hardware profile to smolt server.  The smolt server, collect all the hardware information that send to then from around the word and display the Hardware Profile statistic on the smolt official web site.

Fedora smolt show hardware profiler and driver on Fedora.

Please note that smolt also can be use to show hardware driver that being use by your hardware.


About Smolt:  The smolt hardware profiler is a server-client system that does a hardware scan against a machine and sends the results to a public Fedora Project turbogears server.  The sends are anonymous and should not contain any private information other that the physical hardware information and basic OS info.


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