Add/Remove Software, Package Manager and Pirut


Manage Software Using Add/Remove Software, Package Manager and Pirut


   The Add/Remove Software is the software package manager that can allow you to view and manage software package on Fedora system.  The Add/Remove Software is also known as pirut and Package Manager.  The step by sep example below show how to invoke the Add/Remove Software and explain briefly the functionality of the software. 


Invoke Add/Remove Software.


1.  To invoke the Add/Remove Software or Package Manager, go to Application tab on the menu bar, then click on the Add/Remove Software button.

open add remove software



To execute pirut from the x-terminal :


graphical terminal in x

Location of pirut:

[root@fedora ~]# whereis pirut

pirut: /usr/bin/pirut /usr/sbin/pirut /usr/share/pirut /usr/share/man/man8/pirut.8.gz 

[root@fedora ~]#


Invoke pirut:

[root@fedora ~]# /usr/bin/pirut &

[1] 3436

[root@fedora ~]# 


Add/Remove Software interface.


2.  On the Add/Remove Software ( Package Manager or Pirut) window, there is 3 menu tab.  The Browser tab display the software that install in the system, marks by the tick checkbox.  The un-tick checkbox represent the software available but not install in the system.

browse software package manager


3.  On the Search tab, we can use the search box to search all software package available.  The radio button allow you to choose and display All packages, Install packages or Available packages for the system.  The Package Details text box also display informative description about package selected. 

search software package manager


4.  On the List tab, you can choose the radio button to display All packages, Install packages or Available packages and the information about each package can be view on the Package Details box.

list software package manager


5.  Help on Add/remove Software, the help available by clicking the Help on the menu bar.  But the Help for Package Manager is not going to help you very much... the window box only display About Package Manager ... :-(

addremove software package manager help


Note: This Add/Remove Software tested on Fedora 8 operating system, Gnome desktop on i686 arch


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