named.conf example for Linux Fedora 15 dns caching nameserver


Linux named.conf example for Linux Fedora 15 dns caching nameserver.


   The example of Linux named.conf configuration file that configure for dns caching nameserver on Linux Fedora 15


named example:


1.  Log in, open Linux terminal, then execute su - command to get root privileges to execute command as show on example below.

2.  To show named.conf configuration file, execute less command as on example below.


[root@fedora ~]# less /etc/named.conf


// named.conf


// Provided by Red Hat bind package to configure the ISC BIND named(8) DNS

// server as a caching only nameserver (as a localhost DNS resolver only).


// See /usr/share/doc/bind*/sample/ for example named configuration files.



options {

    listen-on port 53 { any; };

    listen-on-v6 port 53 { ::1; };

    directory     "/var/named";

    dump-file     "/var/named/data/cache_dump.db";

        statistics-file "/var/named/data/named_stats.txt";

        memstatistics-file "/var/named/data/named_mem_stats.txt";

    allow-query     { localhost;;; };

    recursion yes;

    allow-recursion { localhost;;; };


    dnssec-enable yes;

    dnssec-validation yes;

    dnssec-lookaside auto;


    /* Path to ISC DLV key */

    bindkeys-file "/etc/named.iscdlv.key";


    managed-keys-directory "/var/named/dynamic";



logging {

        channel default_debug {

                file "data/";

                severity dynamic;




zone "." IN {

    type hint;

    file "";



include "/etc/named.rfc1912.zones";

include "/etc/named.root.key";


[root@fedora ~]#


2.  Hit 'q' key to exit.


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