Step by step Install Setup and Configure Linux Fedora Core Server and Network Management with Screen Shot and Example.


Install, Setup and Configure Linux Fedora Network Server and Using Network Management Tools with Screenshot and Example.


   Step by step and how to guide of Network Server Constructions, Network Management, Remote Server, NIS and NFS, DNS Server, File Server, Mail Server, Apache Web Server, Squid Cache Proxy Server, network setup, using command to start and stop network interface card, Display hostname and set up the host name, ping, arp, neat, TELNET, Rlogin, ftp, NIS NFS, DNS, BIND, Samba, smb.conf, Sendmail, imap, Apache, httpd.conf, Configure squid.conf file and Using Squid Cache Proxy.


   The project is aims to documents step by step Linux Fedora Core Server Constructions. This is include Linux Fedora Core network server configuration, Network Management (including config files), using the network tools, setup Remote Server, setup NIS and NFS server, setup DNS Server, setup File Server, setup Mail Server, setup Apache Web Server Construction and setup Squid Cache Proxy Server.


Network Management tools and files


1.  /etc/sysconfig/network

2.  /etc/hosts

3.  Kind of network interface

4.  Set file in network interface

5.  ifconfig

6.  Command to start and stop the network interface card

7.  Display hostname and set up the host name

8.  ping

9.  arp

10.  neat

11.  Add, edit and configure routing - Step-by-step how to add, edit and configure route on Linux Fedora Core machine.

12.  Start Network, Stop network - Step by step to start network card and to stop network card on Linux Fedora computer.

13.  Check Ethernet Network Interface Card driver - Step by step check network card driver on Linux Fedora

14.  Network p1p1 configuration - Network device p1p1 configuration example on Linux Fedora

15.  Network Manager Configure Network Interface - Using Network Manager to configure network interface on Linux Fedora system

16.  Fedora NAT - the step by step configuration for Fedora NAT server configuration.


Remote Server Constructions


1.  TELNET sever

2.  Rlogin server

3.  FTP server

4.  SSH server - Step by step examples on basic setup and configuration of ssh server.

-----  SSH root login - Enable root login or disable root login on ssh server.

-----  Check SHH server login - Check who currently login and using shh connection on Linux Fedora server.


NIS and NFS Constructions


1.  NIS setup and configuration. - Setup and configure NIS server and NIS client on Fedora.

2.  NFS setup and configuration.-  Configure NFS server and Configure NFS client.


DNS Server Construction


1.  DNS

2.  BIND

3.  Install caching named server - Step by step install caching dns server or caching named server on Fedora 15.


Samba File Server Construction


1.  Configure Samba Server using system-config-samba graphical configuration tool to configure SAMBA server on Fedora.

2.  /etc/smb.conf - Example of Samba Server configuration file.

3.  /etc/smbpasswd and /etc/smbusers - Example of Samba password file and Samba users file.

4.  Access Samba Share - Using and accessing Samba share from Windows 200 and Windows XP computer client.


Mail Server Construction


1.  Sendmail

2.  IMAP


Apache Httpd Web Server Construction


1.  Apache / httpd web server. - Step by step web server installation and configuration example.

2.  httpd.conf - configuration file example.

3.  Create User Web Directory - Edit the configuration of Apache Web Server httpd.conf to enable user web directory for each user on Fedora system.

4.  First web page - building your own first web page (index.html) on Fedora core web server.

5.  Install Apache Fedora 11 - Step by step install Apache web sever on Fedora 11.


Squid Cache Proxy Server Construction


1.  Configure squid.conf file.

2.  Using Squid Cache Proxy.

3.  Configure Squid to block URL address.

4.  Check squid cache size - Check squid cache directory cache size on Linux Fedora 10 system.

5.  Squid enable ftp - Step by step configuration setting to make Squid enable FTP on Linux Fedora 10.

6.  Delete Remove Clear Squid Cache - Faster way to clear squid cache and minimize squid downtime show on step by step clear squid cache on Linux Fedora 10.

7.  Clear Squid Cache on SELinux enable - This step by step example show how clear squid cache on SELinux enable system.

8.  Update Fedora through proxy server - Step by step enable yum to update Fedora through proxy server.

9.  Install Squid Proxy Server on CentOS - Step by step install Squid Proxy Server on CentOS.

10.  Uninstall Squid CentOS - Step by step uninstall Squid Proxy Server CentOS.

11.  Install Squid Proxy Server on Fedora 11 - Step by step article on  install Squid proxy Server on Fedora 11 using Fedora DVD as installation source.

12.  Monitor Squid Access Log - Step by step understand and monitor squid access log access.log file.

13.  Using wget through Proxy Server - Step by step configure wget to enable wget download through proxy server.

14.  Squid block IP Address - Configure squid to block internal client base on their ip address.

15.  Visible Hostname - Configure visible hostname for squid.

16.  Fedora squidGuard installation configuration - Install and configure squidGuard on Fedor 17.

17.  squidGuard.conf example - step to edit the squidGuard.conf.




1.  PHP Installation

2.  PHP Information


Note:  All the project configuration tested using GNU / Linux Fedora Core or earlier version of Red Hat Linux Operating System and all command execute using Bash Shell on Fedora Core Linux Platform.


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dear sir
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i would be very happy if any one help me...
please give in step by step....


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