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Step by step Linux Fedora Screenshot, the step by step fedora installation screenshot

041 Fedora 12 Gnome Desktop


Fedora 12 Gnome Desktop


   Linux Fedora 12 Gnome desktop.  The default desktop screen for Gnome desktop on Fedora 12 system.


Fedora 12 Gnome Desktop Screenshot

Fedora 12 Gnome Desktop Screenshot

Fedora 12 Gnome Desktop


040 Fedora 12 Gnome Login


Fedora 12 Gnome Login


   Then just key in the user password and hit the Enter key or click on 'Log In' button to start log in to the system... Where can i get the user password? remember that you already create password for user... use this password ... not the password that you create for root user, this root password is just for root user only... not for normal user.


039 Fedora 12 Login Screen


Fedora 12 Login Screen


   Then after you click 'Finish' button, the Fedora 12 firstboot configuration should present you with the graphical login screen (GUI).  You should able to login using the username and password for user that you create earlier, if you want to login as root user there some tweaking that you need to do before Fedora 12 allow you log in as root user on the system.

038 Fedora 12 Sending Hardware Profile


Fedora 12 Sending Hardware Profile


   Then the dialog box appear ask you to reconsider sending system hardware profile, click on No, do not send to proceed and finish the firstboot setup agent configuration without sending hardware profile.


Fedora 12 Sending Hardware Profile Screenshot

Fedora 12 Sending Hardware Profile Screenshot

037 Fedora 12 Hardware Profile


Fedora 12 Hardware Profile


   Then the Fedora 12 installation setup agent proceed with the Hardware profiler.  Fedora 12 hardware profile detect your system hardware and make an profile out of it.  This hardware profile contains all your system hardware information and information about the Linux Fedora 12 operating system installed.  This hardware information use by the Developer to focus their efforts on popular hardware and platforms that use by Fedora community.  Please note that on this screen, Fedora use smolt as fedora 12 hardware profiler to enable you send your Fedora 12 system information profile anonymously.


036 Fedora 12 Date and Time


Fedora 12 Date and Time


   Then on this Fedora 12 Date and Time configuration screen you can configure date and time for your Linux Fedora 12 system, click on Date calendar for current date and set the current time by changing the time on the Time box provided on the screen. 


Fedora 12 Date and Time Screenshot

Fedora 12 Date and Time Screenshot

035 Fedora 12 Create User


Fedora 12 Create User


034 Fedora 12 License Information


Fedora 12 License Information


   Fedora 12 License Information screen.  This screen display the Fedora 12 License Information.  Read the License Information and if you want to know more about the license information and license Agreement, visit the Fedora 12 License Agreement on Fedora Official web site as state on the License Information screen.  No configuration or setting need to be done on this screen just click 'Forward' button to continue with the installation process...


033 Fedora 12 Firstboot Configuration


Fedora 12 Firstboot Configuration


   The Fedora 12 Firstboot configuration welcome screen.  This is FirstBoot Configuration screen kick in only on the first boot of Fedora 12 after the installation process completed. The Fedora 12 Setup Agent (FirstBoot Configuration) process, enable us to do some basic configuration of Fedora 12 system before we log in on the Fedora 12 system for the first time.  The screenshot below just show first screen of Setup Agent FirstBoot Configuration process... click on the 'Forward' button to proceed with the Fedora 12 configuration process.


032 Fedora 12 BootUp


Fedora 12 BootUp


   Screenshot below show the Fedora 12 bootup screen. This flash screen appear every times you bootup or reboot your Fedora 12 system.  Underneath this boot up flash screen the system actually do some hard work to boot up or start up all program or some say process for your Fedora 12.


Fedora 12 BootUp Screenshot

Fedora 12 BootUp Screenshot

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