014 Fedora 11 Partition


Fedora 11 Partition


   Make Fedora 11 partition, on this screen you need to choose the best partition option where to put Fedora 11 on your system hard disk.  Default option is set to Replace existing Linux system.  Click on the drop down menu to see more partition options.  If you have more than one hard disk drives... you may tick the check box to choose from list of the hard disk to install Linux Fedora 11.  To Review and modify partition layout created or you need to customize Fedora 11 partition, tick on  Tick on the check box Review and modify partition layout before you click on Next button to proceed.


Partition Fedora 11 Disk

Fedora 11 Partition

Fedora 11 Partition Layout

Installation requires partitioning of your hard drive.  The default layout is suitable for most users.  Select what space to use and which drives to use as the install target.  You can also choose to create your own custom layout.

Default option:

Use entire drive

Replace existing Linux system

Shrink current system

Use free space

Create customs layout