011 Fedora 11 Setup Hostname


Fedora 11 Setup Hostname


   Setup hostname for your Fedora 11 system.  This hostname going be be use to identify your Fedora 11 system on the network.  The complete hostname must have system name (hostname/machine name) and the domain name that this system belong to... example of complete hostname fedora11.labtestproject.com... the hostname would be fedora11 and the domain name would be labtestproject.com.  Rename the default hostname (localhost.localdomain) with your own choice of hostname and domain name as you see fit base on your network system setup and configuration.


Setup Hostname Fedora 11

Fedora 11 Setup Hostname

Fedora 11 Hostname

Please name this computer.  The hostname identifies the computer on a network.

Default Hostname:  localhost.localdomain


Change the Fedora 11 hostname as you see fit and click 'Next' button to proceed