002 Start Fedora 11 Installation Anaconda Program


Start Fedora 11 Installation Anaconda Program


   After selecting the 'Install or upgrade an existing system' from the installation menu, just hit the 'Enter' key... then let system booting the Linux kernel for the installation process purpose.  Then the system start Anaconda the installation program for Fedora 11. The screenshot below show Anaconda the installer program for Fedora 11 start to initialize.


Anaconda start to initialize

Start Fedora 11 Installation Program Anaconda


Anaconda installer init version starting

mounting /proc filesystem... done

creating /dev filesystem... done

starting udev... done

mounting /dev/pts (unix98 pty) filesystem... done

mounting /sys filesystem... done

trying to remount root filesystem read write... done

mounting /tmp as tmpfs... done

running install...

running /sbin/loader

detecting hardware...

waiting for hardware to initialize...