Download Fedora 14 Torrent on Windows


Download Fedora 14 Torrent on Windows


   The step by step example below show the step to download Fedora 14 torrent.  The software that use in order to download Fedora 14 is utorrent and you can get this free torrent software here for your Windows.  Just follow the step by step example below to start download Fedora 14 using torrent... happy downloading....


Fedora 14 Torrent Download


1.  Install utorrent, the torrent software on your Windows system.

2.  Go to official Fedora site to download Fedora 14 at

Download Fedora 14 Torrent


3.  Download the torrent file for Fedora 14, save this file to your local hard disk.

Fedora 14 Torrent Download save as


4.  Open utorrent software and click on menu File and click on Add Torrent.

Open utorrent software


5.  Locate Fedora 14 torrent file that you save earlier and then open torrent file Fedora-14-i386-CDs.torrent by click and highlight the torrent file and click on Open button.

open torrent file Fedora-14-i386-CDs.torrent


6.  Choose location to put Fedora 14 on your hard disk and click OK button to start the downloading process...  but please make sure that you have enough empty space on to accommodate the Fedora 14 file..

download Fedora 14 on your hard disk


7.  Torrent Fedora 14 start... and as usual you have to wait for torrent software to finish downloading all the Fedora 14 file before you can burn the Fedora 14 to the installation CDs.

Torrent Fedora 14 download


8.  But before you burn the Fedora 14 installation disc please check the sha256sum for Fedora ISO image before you burn the ISO image to DVD or CDs.


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