Configure NFS server and Configure NFS client - Network File System.


Configure NFS server and Configure NFS client - Network File System


   NFS offers service which can use the file which other remote hosts have as well as the file which a local host has.  Portmapper should should be install and configure in order to start NFS service.  The article below show the step by step NFS installation, the NFS server configuration and NFS client configuration.


Installation of NFS server


[root@tenouk ~]# mount /dev/cdrom

[root@tenouk ~]# cd /mnt/cdrom/RedHat/RPMS

[root@tenouk ~]# rpm –Uhv nfs-utils-0.3.1-13.i386.rpm

[root@tenouk ~]# cd /

[root@tenouk ~]# umount /dev/cdrom


Start and stop NFS service


[root@tenouk ~]# /sbin/service nfs start

[root@tenouk ~]# /sbin/service nfs stop


Setting of automatic start for NFS


Set automatically start for nfs on runlevel 3 and runlevel 5.


[root@tenouk ~]# /sbin/chkconfig –level 35 nfs on


Confirmation of automatic start


[root@tenouk ~]# /sbin/chkconfig --list nfs

nfs 0:off 1: off 2: off 3: on 4: off 5:on 6: off

[root@tenouk ~]#


Configure /etc/exports


File which sets which file or directory on NFS server other hosts can share

It is called export to put out permission to other hosts.


[root@tenouk ~]# vi /etc/exports



The NFS mount is permitted to be done to the host who has belonged to while possible to be read and written.


Configure /usr/sbin/exportfs


The content written in /etc/exports is moved to the export table.


[root@tenouk ~]# /usr/sbin/exportfs –a


All content written in /etc/exports is made effective.


[root@tenouk ~]# /usr/sbin/exportfs –v


The content of a present export table is displayed.


Confirmation of NFS mount


Which client does the NFS mount is confirmed.


[root@tenouk ~]# showmount

Host on localhost

[root@tenouk ~]#


Display the NFS mount directory.


[root@tenouk ~]# showmount –d



[root@tenouk ~]#


The directory and the client that the NFS mount is done are displayed.


[root@tenouk ~]# showmount –a


[root@tenouk ~]#


Setting of NFS client


[root@tenouk ~]# mount –t nfs compaq:/export /mnt/nfs



Directory /export on NFS server compaq is done and the NFS mount is done to local host's /mnt/nfs.


Un mount NFS.


[root@tenouk ~]# umount /mnt/nfs


Automatic mount NFS filesystem


When starting, the mount is done when the NFS mount is described in /etc/fstab.


[root@tenouk ~]# vi /etc/fstab

hostA:/export /mnt/nfs mfs soft 0 0


The first field : Directory name on NFS server

The second field : Mount point on local host

The third field : Kind of filesystem

The fourth field : Mount option

The fifth field :

The sixth field :


Automount NFS


Installation of autofs is needed to make sure that the NFS is aoutmatically mount.


Confirmation on autofs installation.


[root@tenouk ~]# rpm -q autofs 


Installation of autofs.


Install autofs using rpm package.


[root@tenouk ~]# mount /dev/cdrom

[root@tenouk ~]# cd /mnt/cdrom/RedHat/RPMS

[root@tenouk ~]# rpm -Uhv autofs-3.1.7-28.i386.rpm

[root@tenouk ~]# cd /

[root@tenouk ~]# umont /dev/cdrom


Start, stop and restart autofs.


[root@tenouk ~]# /sbin/service autofs start

[root@tenouk ~]# /sbin/service autofs stop

[root@tenouk ~]# /sbin/service autofs restart


Setting of autofs automatic start.


[root@tenouk ~]# /sbin/chkconfig --level 35 autofs on


Confirmation of autofs automatic start


[root@tenouk ~]# /sbin/chkconfig --list autofs


Setting which uses NIS


The configuration on the NIS server


[root@tenouk ~]# vi /etc/auto.master

/nfs /etc/auto.home --timeout 60


[root@tenouk ~]# vi /etc/auto.home

home -rw,hard,intr,nolock compaq:/home


[root@tenouk ~]# vi /var/yp/Makefile

all: passwd group hosts rpc services netid protocols mail \

shadow auto.home \

# netgrp shadow publickey networks ethers bootparams printcap \

# amd.home auto.master auto.home auto.local passwd.adjunct \

# timezone locale netmasks


Update of NIS data base


[root@tenouk ~]# cd /var/yp

[root@tenouk ~]# make


Setting on the NIS / NFS client side


Confirmation of auto.home


[root@tenouk ~]# ypcat auto.home

-rw,hard,intr,nolock compaq:/home


[root@tenouk ~]# vi /etc/auto.master

/nfs auto.home --timeout 60



Setup and configure NIS server and NIS client.


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